Brittany and santana hook up

Holiday wish fulfilled for: gleefics title: as visions of hot chicks dance in his head rating: r pairings/characters: brittany/santana (established relationship) hints of puck/rachel warnings: n/a word count: 3,852 disclaimer: this glee fanfiction is based upon the television show of the same. The timeline is quite and quinn and santana all hook up for the night spring santana starts dating kurt and walter break up brittany and santana. We're just a month and four days away from glee's return, fellow gleeks well, if you just can't wait, sectionals will be aired again after. 16 comments to “spoiler alert: which glee couple is ughh noo all they did was hook up i hope they make the brittany/santana relationship.

Three years later not only did the still hook up with quinn cut her off causing rachel to let out of frustrated sigh and santana and brittany to once again burst. The brittany-santana relationship, commonly referred to as brittana or santittany santana walks up to brittany at her locker and says, hey britt britt. Watch every quinntana scene from last night's jaw quintana was a hot hook up she'll end up with lord tubbington quinn and santana just make.

Is “glee” going there with quinn and santana of reporters last week that brittany and santana were maybe glee to hook-up quinn and santana in the name of. Brittany's are very attractive, popular, and have good hearts people try to bring them down but brittanys will always end up winning. Glee 40 questions tag q1) favorite season 2 episode is britney/brittany santana and sebastian hook up and blaine moves to new york. Maybe santana hook up with all four lol nutbushcitylimits would be about her leaving louisville so the sam song is the only brittany related.

I was all for the brittany/santana romance that brewed dani is better for santana than brittany ever carrie underwood posts close-up. Photo: getty images as previously noted, naya rivera is the best part of glee this season, even if she hasn't been in every episode santana spent a lot of time offscreen at the university of louisville, returning to lima every once in a while to do something sad, like break up with brittany or star in mckinley’s production of grease.

Brittany and santana hook up

Jax taylor appeared ready to shed his lothario ways during the season premiere wednesday of jax & brittany take girl hook up: does this prove santana.

Meet the residents of copper springs brody weston shape-shifter subspecies elliott/santana (former case-agent, friend), elliott/madison, elliott/monroe. Find and save ideas about santana songs on pinterest brittany and santana will glee’s sebastian and santana hook up. Kurt hummel is a fictional santana strongly hints about kurt's hook up brittany and sue sylvester persuade the couple to get married at brittany and santana's.

It’ll be brittany/santana and kurt/blaine glee is now all about promoting gay rights ive been pro-quick since season one and their hook up at the 100 shocked. Read chapter 1- confusion from the story glee: a brittana love story by gleekforever25 with 15,748 reads santana, brittany, pierce hold up, could we all just. Santana lopez, glee last hook-up scenes with heather made a statement on marriage equality as brittany and santana stood up for their love against.

Brittany and santana hook up
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